"A pretty lady alligator who at first doesn't understand Swampy's human-like quirks. Over time she starts to see him as charming and sweet, the opposite of macho and stubborn Cranky." - Where's My Water official website

Allie the Alligator




Nice and Smart

Favorite Thing

Her Bow


Crush on Swampy

Allie is a light green anthropormorphic alligator and character in Where's My Water? and Where's My Water? 2.


Allie's first appearance is in Troubled Waters. When she first appeared, she did not have her signature bow, and preferred to spend time with Cranky instead. However, in the beginning of Sink or Swim, Swampy finds a bow which he proceeds to give to her, and she falls in love with him by the end of the chapter.



  • It's possible her full name (Allie Gator) could actually be a pun of "Alligator", which makes sense being that she is one.
  • Some fans predicted that her story might involve using Ooze, as Swampy used Water, and Cranky used Poison but no one used mud, though it's not clear how Mud would effectively be used. It was confirmed, however, that Allie's story actually uses steam, not ooze.
    • Ironically, "Where's my Perry?" technically used this concept first.
  • As shown in Allie's Story she has a passion for music.
  • She is look-like a caiman.
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