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Algae is an obstacle in Where's My Water? 2 first appearing in the Beach.


  • Algae is found in some levels, usually on the edges of Rock or Dirt.
  • Algae typically gets in the way as it soaks up Water and causes it to grow. For every drop of Water Algae consumes, one Algae particle is created.
  • To counter this, the player requires Purple Water. For every drop of Purple Water, one Algae will be cleared.
  • Ooze petrifies Algae. One drop of Ooze can petrify more than one Algae particle.
  • Steam passes through Algae freely.
  • Algae can be destroyed by the explosion of Bombs.
  • Algae gets in the way of Balloons.


Description Sound
Algae Grows
Algae is Cleared
Algae is Petrified


  • Just like the original version counterpart, Algae is also a particle in the game files.