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Achievements were additional goals for the player to complete in the game. Achievements did not require them to be connected to Wi-Fi.

There were a total of 26 achievements in the game.

List of Achievements

Row 1

Row 2

Row 3

  • How'd That Get There? - Find a buried item in a level.
  • Treasure Hunter - Find 10 buried items.
  • Bonus Time - Find enough buried items to unlock a bonus level.

Row 4

  • Water Wise - Beat a level with exactly 20 drops of water.
  • Surprise! - Surprise Mickey with Red Fizzle 20 times.
  • Startled - Destroy 50 stars.

Row 5

  • Efficient Cut - Cut with two fingers at once in a level.
  • Not a Quitter - Retry the same level 8 times.
  • Fizzle Out - Completely destroy all clouds in a level using Red Fizzle.

Row 6

  • Switched Off - Destroy 20 switches with Red Fizzle.
  • Clearing - Kill 50 plants with Red Fizzle.
  • Green Thumbs - Grow 50 plants to full height.

Row 7

  • Water U Doing? - Surprise Goofy with water 20 times.
  • Hot Soup - Convert water to Fizzle using Fizzle Weeds 50 times.
  • Sandbox - Play in the "Van Goofy" sandbox.

Row 8

  • Daily Dose - Return to the game for 3 consecutive days.
  • Speed Demon - Complete an entire episode in less than one hour.
  • Cleanliness - Dig away every single bit of dirt in a level while solving it.

Row 9

  • Notified - Launch the game in response to a push notification.
  • Not a Drop - Lose all the water in the level 20 times.

Secret Levels

  • Coo Coo: Can be found by scrolling all the way up on the Achievements page and tapping the clock.


  • When an achievement was locked, the trophy will resemble a black figure with each achievement having a different trophy.