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A Thousand Times Over is the second chapter of Perry's Story The previous mission is An Agent I Can Trust and the next is The Puppetmaster.


WMP Fluid Sludge.png WMP Coolinator On.png WMP Grate Large.png
Sludge Coolinator Grate


Rainmaker (Perry).jpg Cold Fusion.jpg The Great Switcheroo.jpg Frozen Waterfall.jpg
Rainmaker Cold Fusion The Great Switcheroo Frozen Waterfall
Warning Don't Chill Out.jpg Chill Out!.jpg Tortoise Vs. Hare.jpg Sludge Stopper.jpg
Warning: Don't Chill Out Chill Out! Tortoise Vs. Hare Sludge Stopper
S'Winter.jpg Jump the Sludge.jpg Explosion Maze.jpg Self-Destruct Mechanism.jpg
S'Winter Jump the Sludge Explosion Maze Self-Destruct Mechanism
Reverse Icicle.jpg Don't Do It.jpg Tri-Gnome-ial Cubed.jpg Floor After Floor.jpg
Reverse Icicle Don't Do It Tri-Gnome-ial Cubed Floor After Floor
Over the Frozen Waterfall.jpg Open Sesame.jpg Serpentine.jpg ...Try, Try Again.jpg
Over the Frozen Waterfall Open Sesame Serpentine ...Try, Try Again

Bonus Levels

Spelunking.jpg Explosion Time.jpg
Spelunking Explosion Time

Ending Cutscene (after Level 20)

Perry enters the lair, but his computer screen is dark, and only the eyes of Monogram and Carl could be seen. After a brief moment, the lights turn on, revealing Monogram and Carl with party hats and horns. Monogram congratulates Perry on his 1000th entrance into his lair. Perry looked unamused. Monogram realized he was expecting a briefing. He offers him a cupcake anyway.